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The In Quest of Better Community believes that the path to success in Real Estate is through high-level communication.  

 Our Real Estate Communication Intensive course will provide you with the fundamentals of how to perfect your interactions with both clients and fellow agents.  Below is a list of all the aspects you will improve upon:

✅ Perfecting the opener

✅ Tonality and rapport building

✅Gathering intelligence by asking the right questions to work towards a close

✅ Keeping powder dry by not “overselling”

✅ How to properly qualify a lead

✅ Language patterns and how to re-loop towards the close

✅ Overcoming objections (buyer/seller)

✅ Creating steps of service 

✅ Future pacing, mirroring, matching

✅ Removing your agenda and coming from a place of curiosity and authenticity

✅ Best scripts to use on what sources

✅ How to work towards keeping a client for life

✅ Making yourself an invaluable part of your organization


Part 2:

In Real Estate, NOTHING is more important than mastering your sales & negotiation skills.  To set yourself apart and survive in this industry you MUST become competent in these facets.  As a bonus to this amazing content, we are also including 3 guest Interviews from experts in sales, communication, and neuropsychology.  Part 2 of our Real Estate Communication Intensive Course delves into the following:

-The 7 Cornerstones of Influential Salespeople

-The Science of "digital rapport”, crucial to communicating in today’s digital world

- Advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques

-6 Step of "Peak Sales Performance" to optimize your personal psychology

- How to create connection and rapport with a prospect fast

-   Why video matters and how to use it to create the Influence trifecta of Trust, Respect and Rapport

- Proven Offer Acceptance strategy to help our clients win in today's challenging real estate market


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