This Week With The Experience NJ Team - Java's Compost

Watch this episode here: This Week With The Experience NJ Team - Java's Compost - YouTube

This Week with The Experience NJ Team welcomes Michelle and Java Bradley who are the founders of Java's Compost.

Java's Compost provides residential and commercial compost pickups, drop offs and backyard compost consulting. Their mission is to make composting easy and mess free and save the planet one banana peel at a time. Thus far, Java's Compost is making a major difference in Northern New Jersey. Over the last four years, they have collected over one million pounds of food scraps keeping this waste out of landfills and incinerators.

This helps cut down on greenhouse effect gases and energy needed to dispose food waste. As Michelle has said, it is not that difficult to do our part by composting and helping to save the planet. Be sure to tune into this episode which is full of interesting facts and stats that you may not have known about the positive impact that composting has on the environment.

Follow Java's Compost on all social media platforms @javascompost to stay up to date about workshops and events in our communities!

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