In Quest of Better with Teresa Grobecker, CEO, & Sheila Fejeran, COO of Consortia.

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This Week on the “In Quest of Better” podcast, we had the chance to speak with Teresa Grobecker, CEO, & Sheila Fejeran, COO of Consortia. They have made a bold prediction - “Blockchain is the Future of Real Estate!” Created by Teresa Grobecker, Consortia is the only NFT and training solution led by an SEC registered investment banker, real estate broker and mortgage loan originator. Compliance is non-negotiable and they follow SEC rules, RESPA, Fair Housing and Good Funds laws to protect the industry. Consortia is also a member of the National Association of Realtors. Real Estate is the world’s largest asset class (25% of the GDP in the United States, alone!). Consortia has set out to democratize real estate data with true transparency.

Its mission is to use their private, (patent-pending) blockchain to immutably track events tied to real property. Along with her COO, Sheila, they have been traveling the country raising awareness about this big change coming to the industry. They face the same questions over and over: What is Blockchain Exactly? To simplify it, Blockchain is a “car fax” for homes. The blockchain is essentially an information spreadsheet with all of the vetted information having to do with a property. This ensures agents and clients will have access to the verifiable information during the home buying/ selling process. Consortia is the foundation, the web 3.0, that facilitates this data storage and sharing. Teresa and Sheila know this can be overwhelming and intimidating, so they have created the Consortia Blockchain Compliance Designation (CBCD) where they teach industry leaders everything, they need to know about web 3.0, blockchain and real estate so they can future proof their business. If you want to learn more, be sure to register for our “In Quest of Better” Conference on October 1st at the Short Hills Hilton, where Sheila and Teresa will be speaking more in depth on all things Blockchain and Real Estate!

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