In Quest of Better with Oscar Morales Jr

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This Week on the “In Quest of Better” podcast, we had the chance to speak with Oscar Morales Jr., Founder of Luxury Realty Inc. Soon Property Management and Vice President of FIABCI Americas.

Oscar is also the Founder of the Real Estate Institute which began in Florida and is now branching out globally and offering courses in 3 languages. Our conversation this episode centers around leadership and the necessity of education in the Real Estate sphere. Oscar explains the importance of a collaborative spirit, a characteristic fostered by eXp, how he runs his large team and the benefits of networking and collaboration within FIABCI International!

If you loved what you heard from Oscar, be sure to check out the “In Quest of Better” conference October 1st at the Hilton Short Hills, NJ! For more information on the Real Estate Institute: Real Estate School Florida (

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