10 Seller Tips for a Successful Sale

Here are 10 essential tips that we have used and perfected over the years to help ensure our clients have a successful sale – even in the offseason.

10 Seller Tips for a Successful Sale1. Plan Ahead with Your Realtor

Before you read any further - call us now to make an appointment and we'll help you create a roadmap for conquering steps 2-10!Now, read on...

2. Pre-Empt Any Repairs & Close Out Permits

Sure, it’ll cost you. But spending a few hundred dollars on a thorough home inspection can help you get a better idea of what repairs need to be made, and more importantly, what your net proceeds will be from the sale of your home in a worst-case scenario. Pay particular attention to termite damage, roof and mechanical issues, as buyers tend to shy from expensive repairs. Completing as many repairs as your budget allows will pay off when potential buyers are not put off by the amount of time or money they would need to spend to bring the home up to speed.

3. Create a Great 1st Impression: Inside & Out

Prospective buyers form an opinion the moment they spot the home. As you prepare your home for sale - consider all five senses.  You only have ONE CHANCE for a first impression. Here are some fairly easy and affordable ways to give your home a fresh new look for its big debut!

Curb appeal: You can go big with a fresh coat of paint, updating the landscaping, adding fresh sod, or new front steps - or use simpler touches like planting flowers, painting the front door or replacing the mailbox.

Declutter, depersonalize & stage: The fewer things there are in the home, the larger it will look, so remove knickknacks and excess furniture. All storage spaces should be purged and organized; kitchen and bathroom counters bare but functional. Take down family photos, religious or political items so prospective buyers can envision their family in the house, not yours. Interior decor should be modest and neutral.

Clean: Clean everything! You may want to hire a cleaning service to do a deep cleaning of your home and your windows before the launch. Nothing turns buyers off like grime, odor and general dinginess. Dogs may be “man’s best friend” but they are certainly not a “Seller’s best friend”. It could help to send Fido off on a vacation for the first week on market!

Lighting:  Make sure all blinds are up, heavy curtains are taken down or opened, and upgrade the wattage in all your lights! Light and bright sells homes!

4. Detach Emotionally! 

Learn to let go and look forward to a new start. Selling your home can be quite the task and, for some, it can be an emotional rollercoaster. However, in order to facilitate and close a better home sale, you need to avoid letting your emotions get in the way.

As a homeowner you have many memories that are part of the place, but as a home seller, you must now view the place as a blank canvas that is ready for someone else's memories to be created there.  Your home memories have a strong sentimental value to you, but you can't mix that with the financial aspect of the property. 

Staging your home right away is not only a good way to attract buyers but also a therapeutic way of detaching yourself from your home. By decluttering and removing the personal things in your house that make the place familiar to you, you can begin to better accept and even enjoy selling your home. 

5. Price It Right From the Start.

Sellers often think they should start the asking price high and then lower it later if the house fails to sell. But that can result in a slower sale – often at a lower price.

If the price is too high, many buyers and their agents will stay away, assuming you’re not serious about selling or you’re unwilling to negotiate. If your home sits on the market long enough, prospective buyers will wonder what’s wrong with it and why no one else wants it.

The first 30 days' activity of your house being on the market is always the best activity you’re going to see – we HAVE to get it right.

6. Always Be Ready to Show

In real estate, more showings are an inescapable prerequisite to more offers! One of the best showing tips for selling a home is being exceptionally flexible! If home showings are too much of an imposition, consider going away the first weekend your home is on the market.

Inconvenient? Yes. Frustrating? Sometimes. A challenge to keep the place clean at all times? Assuredly. But the best way to sell your home is to let buyers inside! If getting top dollar for your home is at the top of your priority list, then you have to be ready and willing to deal with the inconvenience involved.

Buyers don’t look at just one home at a time. They will schedule multiple homes to view on a given day. If your home is the only one with showing restrictions, they often will skip it. A missed showing is a missed opportunity to sell your house. It is as simple as that. One of the other homes may catch the buyers' fancy, and they may never come back to view your home. If you don’t want to leave money on the table, it should be a priority to get as many people through your door as possible. Making showings complicated is not going achieve those goals.

Lastly, don’t be home for showings and keep mum! Allow the buyers and their agent to tour in peace and quiet. Anything you say can and will be used against you!

7. Have a Top Notch Marketing Plan  

Ensure the listing has good photos, and lots of them! The majority of  homebuyers start their search online and decide which homes they want to see based solely on the photos and videos they see.

We offer our clients unparalleled exposure, top quality marketing, and extensive advertising for this exact reason!

8. Sell the Lifestyle

The listing should include photos not only of the house, but also of nearby recreation, dining, shopping areas, schools & commuting options. You’re not only selling the home – you’re selling the lifestyle!

9. Hire An Excellent Real Estate Attorney

It is truly important to hire an attorney that specializes in residential real estate. They’ll be instrumental when it comes time to move the offer into under contract status and navigate through the many peaks and valleys of getting to the closing table. 

10. Trust Us

Who you work with matters. We have helped hundreds of families over the years in the buying and selling process. We have tweaked our processes over the years to ensure that our clients achieve a successful sale. Trusting us to carry that out for you is essential.

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